We live surrounded by ideas. The precision of architecture.

The Native Range

We live surrounded by ideas. The precision of architecture, which lets us change the horizon and make it our own; the power of design, capable of creating a space starting from a unique perspective. The cement of the sure, unchanging foundations beneath our feet, on which the city rests, and our lives unfold. It’s from the streets, from these glass and iron horizons, from the character of cement and dynamism of city life that Native is born. Native is available in six colours and five size formats including 2 cm thick options.

Tiles available in the range

Our selection of innovative, quality architectural tiles are sure to meet the demands of the most challenging specification. Please browse our extensive collection. We look forward to hearing from with any questions you have or to arrange samples or a visit by one of our team.

Our product range

We are delighted to present our range of architectural tiles sourced from the most reputable and innovative suppliers in Europe and from around the world.